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Here is the ongoing FAQs section of our website that we hope you will contribute to.  People visit us from all over the world and sometimes they are not sure what to expect on arrival. We want you to be as happy and comfortable as possible. So we would like to make sure you know what to expect. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please fill out the form below and send it to us.  We will respond directly to you and post the question and answer here on our site.

Can we drink the water?

Safe, fresh water


Yes, all the tap water at Ocean Wilderness Inn comes from a deep water aquifer more than 100 metres below the surface. The water is tested regularly. In addition we filter the water and expose it to UV light which ensures safe clean water for all our guests.

Do we get free WiFi?

Really fast, free, reliable internet

Fast, free, reliable Internet

Our WiFi connection to the Internet is 600 Mbps.  This means your WiFi connection will be as fast as your device can receive. The cell phone in the picture is running a WiFi speed test from our provider showing 125 Mbps download speed. The password to the WiFi service is located on your receipt.

Coffee station in each room

Coffee and Tea

You will find a coffee maker and a tea kettle in every room.  Complimentary coffee and tea are included, sugar and creamers as well.  Decaf coffee and hot chocolate are available on request. The water from the taps in the room is fine to drink.

Do you have cell phone service?

No cell service

Cell service

There is no cell service at the Inn BUT if your cell phone is capable of routing your calls over a WiFi service, then your cell phone will work here.  You may have to activate the "Wifi calling" option in your "settings" function for this to work. In addition you can use Whatsapp or Facetime to make calls to friends and family while you are away.

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