A sunny afternoon at Jordan River Beach

A sunny day at Jordan River Beach. Just a 10 minute drive north of Ocean Wilderness Inn

An afternoon at Jordan River beach

A sunny afternoon visit to Jordan River Beach is a great way to relax and have fun. You'll find lots of surfers catching those long easy rides on to the beach. There are folks camping and enjoying long walks on the beach and playing in the surf. A really rewarding walk, south along the beach, will take you to Sandcut Beach. If you're lucky you will see the waterfalls.

At the far end of the parking lot you can see the old change cabin, picnic table and fire pit. Surfers use to be able to warm up by the fire and change in the cabin but the cabins are all locked up now. You can still make use of the picnic table and the fire pit. Please make sure you know the safety rules and regulations around having a fire on the beach. There are restrictions in the summertime.

The shallow water makes for long slow breaking waves that let you get a decent ride even when the water is fairly calm. Surfers as well as those with Paddle boards can spend a beautiful sunny day at the beach.


There are portable washrooms and potable water available at the Campground. Overnight parking is available for $15 a night from April 1st until October 31st.

Cold Shoulder Cafe is open most days for sandwiches, soups and coffee.

Additional information can be found at the CRD site about Jordan River. And of course if you decide to stay more than one day you can always check in to Ocean Wilderness Inn for a couple of very relaxing nights.