Hidden Treasures

by Bruce Wilson for RVTimes

Magazine Issues Past & Present - # 131 AUGUST/SEPTEMBER, 2009


After deciding on a retirement date, my wife Laurie and I purchased an RV, and I started doing my homework. I spent so much time online looking up historic sites, campgrounds and anything I thought would be interesting that my wife, Laurie, claimed I loved the laptop more than I did her. When I found something that appealed to us I would waypoint it on my GPS mapping software. You could no longer see the map for all of the waypoint labels. I really thought we had all of the bases covered.


A friend told us about GEO Caching.


It is a GPS (global positioning system) scavenger hunt of sorts; it sounded interesting but I really did not give it much thought until we were on the road. We signed up at the GEO Cache website, which is free, and all we had to do was think up a catchy user name and a password. We immediately discovered that not only was it fun but it took us to places the average tourist will never see. The trail to our first find was at the back of a parking lot. The GPS lead us on a path thru some trees onto a wooden boardwalk, which ended at a platform with benches to view birds in the marsh. Another time it was a small town in Georgia; we discovered a little museum containing everything from classic motorcycles to a pair of handcuff used by Houdini. In Charleston the person who hid the caches guided us to some of his, or her, favourite secluded places in the Historic District.


Other times you will just go on someone’s favourite hike thru the woods. There are over 700,000 caches worldwide and more being added every day so no matter what your location, the fun will not be far off.


I guess I should explain how it works. A cache could be a container, which could be as large as a surplus ammunition box or as small as a #2 pencil eraser. The information on size and difficulty will be explained when you load the longitude and latitude onto your GPS. Once you have found one, you sign the log, which is located inside the cache container, using your user name, date, and where you are from. This way you get to see who was there before you and where they are from. When you get home you will log the find in online. Geo Cache will keep track of your total discoveries.


You will be surprised how much fun you will have and the kids will love it too. A day outside with family and friends, how could you go wrong?


This is 91BW saying good luck and watch for us in a logbook.

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