Pirate Weekend

by Captain Mary Rackham

Ahoy ye landlubbers: September 18 and 19, 2009 pirates rule the wild west coast beyond Sooke.  Talk like a Pirate when ye claim a room and drop anchor with us fer the days of September 18 and 19.  There will be a treasure hunt on the beach starting at 4 bells on Friday.  Booty is $50 toward dinner for two.   Ye must be stayin w' us to get yer map.  There be only one treasure, finders keepers.  No early starts and no cheating.  We'll swab the poop deck with all ye mutinous dogs who try. Ar-r-r-r-rr!  Wear yer eye patches, dew rags, and hooped earrings to look the part and/or give us your pirate name (and get 5% off your stay).  Limit 2 landlubbers per room. May not be combined with other specials.

Ye can reserve a berth online or call 250-646-2116.

Captain Mary Rackham and Dirty Roger Cash

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