Vancouver Island's Best Restaurant Each Year for 20 Years

by Sinclair Philip


Sooke Harbour House –Best Vancouver Island Restaurant –Vancouver Magazine, April, 2009 


The Sooke Harbour House received the Gold Award for Best Restaurant on Vancouver Island at Vancouver Magazine’s 20th Annual Restaurant Awards.


This marks the 20th consecutive year that the Sooke Harbour House Inn has received this distinction. According to Vancouver Magazine, “Every proponent of regional dining owes a debt to locavore granddaddy Sooke Harbour House.”


Co-owner Frederique Philip says, “I am very proud that our kitchen team has once again been honoured with this distinction for their hard and consistent work. It is very hard to maintain this level of quality day in and day out and I really admire them for their ongoing creativity and consistency. It is a pleasure to work with artisans who come up with new dishes that reflect the rhythms of the seasons, and who respect the intrinsic nature of the ingredients from our certified organic gardens and the sea nearby. We have been very fortunate over the last thirty years to have been able to work with such outstanding people.”


Co-owner Sinclair Philip is equally happy. “Nature has provided our area with many wonderful and unique foods and I am very pleased at how our staff has worked to skilfully incorporate more and more indigenous plants, seaweeds and mushrooms into our menus. I increasingly enjoy foraging for mushrooms, and it always amazes me what magic our staff performs with these year round delicious morsels. We have always tried to showcase the best foods from Vancouver Island and we have a great deal to draw upon. Island wines, cider, and mead from Tugwell Creek also improve year after year and it is easier than ever to offer very high quality foods to travelers to our region. ”


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