Completing the year that was - 2008

by Vicky White

You still have a month to complete 2008.

I go by the Chinese New Year, and on January 26 the Year of the Ox begins. This means you have over a month to complete the past year and make space for the new one. Lucky break eh?

Remember the definition of clutter? Anything unfinished, unused, unresolved, tolerated or disorganized.

What's unfinished for you? You are very familiar with physical clutter and how it bogs you down, but wait, there's more. Clutter can also appear in your relationship with others, intentions you made last year but you no longer feel passionate about, and successes you haven't acknowledged yourself for and celebrated. And if you don't stop for a moment to really own your insights and what you learned about yourself in the last year, that's more unfinished business.

Just as when you start to map a road trip you need to know both your destination and where you're starting from, to achieve your dreams and intentions you need to know both the outcome you desire and where you are right now.

Taking some quiet time to look back on the year just gone and reminding yourself of where you are, brings both a sense of completion and a reminder of your wins. Let's face it, you likely pay more attention to where you've yet to get to and what isn't working, than your success and the gifts you've gained along the way.

This is an opportunity to drink in some truth about yourself and start to redress the balance. You've experienced success for sure. This is worth celebrating! And is fun too!

Questions to complete your year

Take some quiet time for yourself to reflect on the past year and answer these questions. Below you'll find a worksheet you can use - save it to your computer and start keeping a record of your years. You will only receive the benefit of this process if you write down your answers. Thinking about it will not do it!

1. What was an upset or a disappointment in the past year? Every challenge is a chance to realign yourself and each brings a gift for you. What might be the lesson or gift in this (or these) situation(s)? What did you learn and what were the gifts?

2. Where and when did things not flow easily – where was there a lot of energy for little result? Are you still trying to push this? If things aren’t flowing, it’s often not in your highest good. Perhaps it’s time to let it go? Or is there a change you wish to make so you feel inspired and excited again? Write down your new 2009 intention.

3. What flowed easily for you in 2008? You set your intention and the Universe lined things up to happen easily. What can you be proud of – big and small? Write them all down and small ones count too. Search calendars, journals and ask a close friend or partner - who amazingly usually has a better memory of these things! This question is a good one to give extra energy to!

4. What’s incomplete? What’s sitting around in your life, bugging you? Do you intend to complete it before January 29when the Year of the Ox begins or will it take longer? This could be anything from relationships to projects to painting your office.

5. Insights you've gained about yourself in the last year. It's easy for your insights and learnings to get lost as you move forward. By writing them down you start to own them and integrate these gifts into your heart and life.

6. What are you grateful for? Gratitude has the same vibration as abundance. And the Law of Attraction states that what you focus on expands - where better to focus your attention?

7. How will you celebrate and acknowledge your 2008 wins?

Give yourself enough time to list lots of examples under each heading. Really go for it and have fun with this. This is part of your reward for being you.

Download this YearCompletion document to keep a record of your journey.

Wishing you joyful completions and a jump start on 2008

If you got any insights or ah-has from this process please share them on my blog.

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