CRD Parks Master Plan

by Lori LeCount

We are very interested in the CRD Master Parks Plan that includes acquiring land to link the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail with the Galloping Goose Trail.  We would personally enjoy a safe, off-highway place to walk, run and cycle.  We would also look foward to welcoming more cyclists to the inn.

Here is some of the information from the CRD site.

Public Consultation

Areas of Acquisition Interest West of the Sooke River

For anyone who has visited the dense forest and rough-hewn coast of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area, and even more so for those who live among the trees and the spray of the ocean, these lands are unique, powerful and vital to the identity and health of the region. For more than a century these forests have been worked by the forest industry.

The public has expressed a desire to preserve the area’s wild nature and to secure public access to the forests and beaches. In March 2008, Regional Parks invited the public to discuss areas of regional park potential in the relatively undeveloped Juan de Fuca lands that run between the Sooke River and Port Renfrew.

The purpose of this public meeting was to obtain comments on the proposed vision, goals and areas of acquisition interest.

CRD Parks Master Plan

The CRD Parks Master Plan provides a vision for the future of the regional park and trail system in the Capital Region. Currently, the Master Plan identifies five areas in the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area west of the Sooke River that have regional park or trail potential:

  1. San Juan River
  2. The beach at Port San Juan
  3. Muir Creek watershed
  4. Weeks Lake
  5. A regional trail connecting Juan de Fuca Marine Trail to the Galloping Goose Regional Trail

At the time the Master Plan was prepared (2000), no other areas were included because of insufficient information about ecological or outdoor recreation values in the area west of the Sooke River. Rather, the Master Plan called for a detailed inventory of the area to be completed prior to 2010.

At their October 17, 2007 meeting the Regional Parks Committee directed Parks staff to inventory areas with regional park potential west of the Sooke River on an expedited basis given the changing circumstances.


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