Special guests return - more expected!

by Lori LeCount

Eagles return

Some of you may recall that last year we had two eaglets born at Ocean Wilderness.  Their nest was in a tree at the base of the ravine, way down the hill near the shore.  If you stood in just the right spot you could see it from the lawn.  The guests in the Pacific Panorama could see the nest from their room.  Most of the nest blew down in a winter storm.  All throughout January and February we heard the eagles, but did not see any activity at the old nest.  Well, that is because they weren't rebuilding the old nest.

About two weeks ago, Raine spotted the eagles' new nest.  We couldn't be more thrilled as it is very near the inn and visible from the dining room.  

Both eagles are near the nest most days.  We are exploring whether we could install an "eagle cam" in a nearby tree and get close-ups of the anticipated eaglet(s).  Stay tuned for developments. 

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